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Convention Badges Ahoy!
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A community for con badges - post commissions, show them off & participate in a monthly exchange!
A community dedicated to those wonderful tiny one-shot art pieces known as conbadges; you know, those little pictures with your name that you wear at conventions.

Feel free to advertise, sell, show off, trade, discuss and more. If you're looking to buy a badge, check here!

A monthly "Secret Santa" style art exchange also runs in this community. The art exchange is moderated, rules are below, please read and follow them. We are always accepting new applicants!
Application Post - Ban/Blacklist

The November/December extended exchange round is currently in progress! Entries are due December 30th

1. As noted, this exchange is moderated. This means we are looking for some level of skill with our participants. We're not looking for people who can recreate the Sistine Chapel on a business card, but we'd like our participants to have some experience! Please don't be discouraged, it's easy and painless to apply. If you are rejected, you are welcome to re-apply every six months! Please apply here if you would like to join!

2. Follow the golden rule of art trades: Draw as you would like to be drawn. Badges are not huge pieces of art, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't put any effort into it! Please don't just rush your submissions, if the mods feel you are not putting forth your full effort, you may be suspended.

3. Get your art in on time. This is fairly self-explanatory. We understand sometimes things happen, and if you know in advance you will be late, you may e-mail the mod at badge.mod at gmail.com, however we shall still expect you to turn in your piece. If you are late and give no reason, you will be placed on the blacklist until you turn in your art or complete a badge for someone else who didn't receive their badge.

4. Similar to #2, treat others as you'd like to be treated. Please be nice, and at least thank the person who drew for you. It's rude not to acknowledge the work they did for you!

5. There is no set rating - ratings will be set by your Chosen. If you are comfortable drawing adult-oriented pieces, and your chosen is comfortable with receiving an adult piece, that is fine, just put all adult work behind a cut and label it, please! If you are comfortable with drawing adult-oriented pieces and your chosen requests a G-rated piece, please adhere to that.

6a. On submitting a non-"furry" character - we do allow participants to request a non-"furry"* character, however, we also require they submit a secondary character that fits in the "furry" theme. Some artists do not wish to draw characters outside their chosen genre, and we are making this allowance to ensure every artist is drawing in their comfort zone, and everybody receives a quality badge.
-* I am defining "furry" as any heavily animal-based/faced creature - anthros, as well as quadrupedal creatures (such as a The Lion King fancharacter, or a dragon). "Non-furry" character examples would be humans, elves, centaurs, satyrs, Klingons, orcs, non-animal robots, sandwiches, trolls, anime catgirls, etc.
6b. On submitting multiple [anthro] characters- you may submit up to 3 characters in one sign-up post, but please don't expect all of them to be drawn. Inversely, if your Chosen has submitted more than one character, you are only expect to pick one to draw! If you choose to draw more than one, that is up to you (and very generous), but it is not expected.

These aren't rules, but are generally considered polite to follow as well, and just good information...

On Advertising, we encourage artists of all skill levels to advertise in this community. Feel free to advertise with your posted piece for the art exchange! Feel free to post links to auction sites for your art!
Please note that you will be limited to posting one advertisement per month or 30-day-period, this is simply done to avoid spam. If you are participating in the current month's art exchange, you will be required to turn in your piece before you can advertise.

On Sending Badges, you are not required to mail your badges, but it is polite. We understand some people may not want to share their mailing addresses with strangers. If you do mail out the badges you make, you're certainly not required to laminate them or provide holders/clips. For digital badges, it is also considered polite to be willing to provide a high-resolution copy to your Chosen one so that they may print it off. If you want to print it off yourself and mail it, you are also welcome to do so!